The Lai Family | Sugar Land, TX family – Lifestyle photographer~

Sally and John Lai have one of the most beautiful families I know. I have been photographing their family annually for the past three years. They are kind, patient, and their happiness is infinitely contagious. Their wonderful children, Emma (6) and Logan (4), shine with a certain joy that I cannot describe! Each family member has their own precious smile that provides a sense of warmth and closeness within the family… I love every session with the Lai family.

Logan is missing a part of his brain due to a chromosome mutation called spinocerebellar ataxia. Although he is unable to walk and control his movements, his radiant smile glows brighter than the sun. He is truly blessed to have the most loving, caring family. During the shoot, Sally was telling me that Logan’s disabilities have only helped her to appreciate the beauty of life and never take anything for granted. The most challenging part is allowing him to go with his pace of learning activities of daily living. There are so many things that we do and not think about being grateful for, such as the ability to balance. Logan has taught me to slow down, and appreciate the true wonders of this life. This is a family that certainly makes my love for Him grow, as I watch how truly content they are simply in the company of each other.

Personally, I am more than proud of Sally and John. Their commitment to their family and the pure happiness that radiates from their smiles make me feel blessed to have the honor of taking their pictures and captured that love they have for each other in images they will treasure for years ahead. Sally is constantly booking sessions with me so that she can document these memories that the Lai family will be able to cherish forever. Sometimes, challenges will present themselves in life, but you have to learn to dance in the rain. The best photos are the ones that make us feel something, just like the way the Lai family’s photos make me feel joy and gratefulness. They are a wonderful reminder that life is not picture perfect, yet they have the power to make us feel love and happiness. We are able to look at these memories and remember our experiences and how they have shaped each and every one of us today. Logan has brought this family together as well as taught them the most valuable lessons in life by simply being who he is, and that was the most beautiful thing I have had the honor of capturing through these photos.

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